Terms & Conditions


  1. $200.00 Deposit (non refundable) must be received 2 weeks prior to hire date and within 7 days of booking to secure the spa.
  2. Balance to be paid by cash on delivery – cards or cheques not accepted.
  3. Must have clear access to accommodate the spa. 50% of hire fee must be paid if we arrive to deliver spa and the hire is cancelled. Please refer to our clearance dimensions below.
    1. 6-8 Seaters require a clearance of  2.2 meters in width and 4.8 meters in length.
    2. 8-10 Seater requires a clearance of  2.5 meters in width and 5.0 meters in length.
    3. 12 Seater requires a clearance of  3.0 meters in width and 5.5 meters in length.
  4. Labour waiting charge of $30.00 per 15 minutes if we need to wait for area to be cleared.
  5. Cleansing and disinfecting fee of $200.00 will be charged if animals have been on or in the spa.
  6. Minimum $200.00 Bond is required on all spas.
  7. We provide: Free delivery in our local area, Setting up of spa, Chemicals, Gas, Directions of use, Emptying the spa, Pick up of spa.
  8. You need to provide: Level Area with ample access for the chosen spa – (see dimensions above), Hose & water to fill spa, Power access.
  9. Spas are not to be moved from the setting up position.
  10. No candles; No streamers; No urinating in the spa; No smoking in or near the spa; No mallicious damage or defacing spa or trailer; No tampering with spa or equipment & No stickers etc are to be put on spa or trailer
  11. Delivery time will be arranged by phone and confirmed prior to delivery.

All spas are cleaned & a clean filter installed for every hire.

Hire a Spa for less than $13 per hour.

* Conditions apply – Minimum 24 hours and in our local area!